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Help and support for computer and cybersecurity issues.

Do you call your children at 10PM about your computer acting funny, or do you receive calls like this from Mom or Dad?

Does your computer keep asking you to click on something and you want to know if you should click?

Did you receive a phone call from your bank about an unauthorized Zelle transaction on your account and asking you to enter a reversal code?

Did Amazon send you something you didn't order?

Did you receive a phone call from Amazon to authorize your purchase of a MacBook Pro?

​Did you receive an email from Duolingo that said "Your premium subscription will be activated today! All other necessary information about your subscription can be found in the invoice attached" and would like to know what to do?

When you are reading the New York Times online and a survey keeps popping up, should you take it so it goes away?

I received a text message from AT&T that my payment was received and to please accept these loyalty gifts. Should I click the link?

My son called me and said he is in jail and to wire money for bail?  Should I do it?

My screen is flashing security error and it says to call Microsoft at this number.  Should I call?

My computer says it has been locked and I have to pay a ransom to unlock it.  Should I pay?

I received a text message with a tracking number for a delivery.  Do I click it?

​​Do these types of questions and scams sound familiar to you?

These types of calls can be time consuming and frustrating for both parent and child.  We take charge of these issues by providing nationwide telephone and remote support on computers, devices, and cybersecurity issues for older adults.  We work directly with seniors although we are often engaged by the children of seniors to provide support for Mom and Dad.

We provide scheduled daily or weekly phone calls, on-call service, and after hours and emergency appointments.  We also provide home visits in parts of New Jersey, New York City, and surrounding areas.  Please use the contact us link below to initiate a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

In addition to computer and cybersecurity support, we provide online shopping assistance, help with Amazon accounts and ordering, computer and device learning and troubleshooting, and other concierge and personal assistant services for seniors.


Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  Use the form below

or call 908-739-6966.

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